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Updates: Huge Nintendo Games Stock Update 26-04-04 Nintendo
NES: super mario bros, pinbot, goal!, elite, paperboy 2,
north & south, crackout, star wars, gauntlet 2
SNES: super scope, beavis and butthead, yoshi's Island + guide, vegas stakes, desert strike, urban strike, flashback,
jungle strike, mr nutz
GAMEBOY: taz mania, gremlins 2, battletoads, probotector, pokemon silver version, pokemon blue version, pokemon yellow version, pokemon gold version, spiderman 2,
super mario land 2 - 6 golden coins, motocross maniacs, mickey mouse, 32 in 1, qix
GBA:jackie chan adventures, ecks vs server, army men advance

Yoshi's Island + Guide

Supermario Word 2 with guide

29-12-03 Open

Retro-games are now open for business as usual. Happy new year!
19-11-03 Intelligent television games
Latest Intellivision games added:

Space Spartans, Atlantis, Astrosmash, Lock 'n chase, triple action, Frogger, Super Cobrta, Tutankham, Space armada, Zaxxon, Tron Maze a Tron.
maze-a-tron Intellivision games
TRON maze-a-tron
11-11-03 Superplay mags
SuperPlay snes mag
classic SNES magazine
Holes in your superplay collection? - Large collection in today! Browse our magazine section to view. [Other mags available - EDGE, Crash etc]
28-10-03 Saturn / Neo Geo / N64
N64: Star Wars episode 1 racer, Yoshi's story, Zelda ocarina of time, Pilotwings 64, Blast corps
Neo Geo pocket: Crush roller, Match of the millenium, Fatal Fury 1st contact
Saturn: rayman, sonic R, worms, crusader no remorse, spacehulk, burning rangers, virtua fighter, panzer dragoon
Dreamcast: virtua fighter 3tb
yoshi's story
hear yoshi sing in this fluffy platformer
20-10-03 new Hardware
pc engine Duo
take advantage of both CD and HU-card formats with the Duo System.
Upgrade your megadrive with the 32x.
Various new bits and pieces of hardware:

PC Engine: Duo system, multitap

Nintendo SNES: Multitap-hudson soft, Snes replacement unit only.

Sega Megadrive: 12 button sega pad, fighter stick, system-boxed, Import adaptor

Sega 32X: system

Misc: replacement CR2032 batteries for SNES CARTS, DC VMU's, NGP, NGPC, Saturn and many more.
14-10-03 - Updates are back on
Sorry guys & gals, been a bit slack on these updates recently. Here's the latest Snes & Megadrive bits - I know thats what y'all wanna know ;)
SNES: multitap (hudsonsoft), snes unit only, mr do!, Mega man 7, Super troll islands, Batman forever, Super Bomberman 2, Final fight, Pugsleys scavenger hunt, james bond jr, yoshi safari, toy story, the mask
MEGADRIVE: wiz 'n' liz, greatest heavyweights, Rolling thunder 2, eswat, Worms, truxton, Ariel the Little mermaid, Quackshot, toughman contest, Judge dredd, Kid chameleon, road blasters and Art alive for sale now.
10-09-03 Lots more Nintendo Games in stock
GAMEBOY: castlevania, mario's picross, gameboy gallery.
SNES: quickshot controller, world class rugby, secret of mana, super international cricket, earthworm jim, super james pond, mr nutz, taz mania, batman returns, zombies ate my neighbours, paperboy,
theme park, kawasaki superbikes, wolverine, thomas the tank engine and friends.
N64: zelda ocarina of time prima guide, N64 System purple, super mario 64, wwf wrestlemania 2000, F1 world grand prix 2,
wipeout 64.
PLAYSTATION: tekken, destruction derby, mickey's wild adventure, resident evil, international track and field, silent hill, formula one.
19-08-03 Atari ST updates
520 STFM system, james pond, red heat, beverly hills cop, run the gauntlet, 007 licence to kill, battle chess, joe blade 2, rick dangerous 2, dynamite dux, the games summer edition, the games winter edition, return of the jedi, alien syndrome, manhattan dealers, bubble bobble, emmanuelle, advanced ski simulator, bionic commando, predator, ninja remix, falcon, hunderblade, night hunter, batman, switchblade, prison, rick dangerous, bat, speedball
Speedball ST
10-07-03 Loads of new Spectrum games added to shop.
Wizards lair, galaxians, blade alley, frenzy, tomahawk, war cars construction set, quest for the holy grail, the train game, rapscallion, cascade 50, ground attack, hunchback 2, 3d deathchase, talisman magical quest, 3d tanx, buggy blast, molar maul, cavelon, star trader, wheelie, cyber rats, 3d luna crabs, harrier attack, android 2, moley christmas, army moves, war of the worlds, tir na nog, adventures of barsak the dwarf, avenger, blind alley, chase HQ, ,goto jail, 3d seiddab attack, 3d lunaattack, zombie zombie, skull, forest of doom.
++ Loads more
25-06-03 New shop sections
2 new sections added:

C64 Hardare: C64a system, Vic 20
CBS Colecovision: ladybug, space fury, space panic, decathlon, venture, donkey kong, black jack / poker

Also, even more NES games: godzilla monster of monsters, alien 3, super off road, game genie, adventure island 2, terminator 2 judgement day, california games, kirbys adventure, metal gear, elite
paperboy, totally rad, yoshis cookie, pacman

commodore 64a
12-06-03 Various sega games added
MD atomic runnerMD ball jacks Megadrive Games : International superstar soccer deluxe, Indiana jones & the last crusade, Spiderman, Shadow of the beast, Gods, Risky woods, Star trek deep space nine, The immortal,
Exile, Warsong, Predator 2, Terminator, Zombies, Ball jacks, Sonic 2 set
MegaCD Games: Blackhole
Dreamcast Games : House of the dead 2 gun pack, Sega controller
03-06-03 NES updates
Gameaxe colour, track and field 2, battle of olympus, duck tales, gauntlet 2, megaman 2, gradius, snake rattle n roll, chip n dale, defender of the crown, goonies 2, blue shadow, donkey kong classics, pacman, star wars, megaman 3, teenage mutant hero turtles 2 arcade, monster in my pocket, totally rad, rygar, kung fu, tetris 2, rad gravity (adv. of), nintendo triple cart, kirbys adventure, micro machines, metal gear, mach rider, donkey kong Jr., rush n attack, road fighter, ultimate air combat, new ghostbusters 2, wizards & warriors, robocop 2, double dragon, adventures of bayou billy, bubble bobble, Multitap

Bubble Bobble
21-05-03 Just added..
Hori SNES Like gamecube controller
SNES super metroid
LYNX: xybots, crystal mines 2
PC Engine: system, blazing lasers, alien crush, legendary axe, vigilante, galaga '90.
SNES: super bomberman, roger clemens MVP baseball, kirby's fun pack, donkey kong country 2, donkey kong, country 3, super metroid.
Dreamcast: super runabout,
toy commander.
Megadrive: david robinsons supreme court, rugby world cup 95, pele, total football, strider, steel talons.
Gamecube: SNES style digital controller.
13-05-03 Neo Geo/SNES
Neo geo Pocket colour: metal slug 1st mission, neo turf masters, samurai showdown 2,
dark arms beast buster
SNES: aladdin, the magical quest mickey mouse, jungle book, yoshi's Island, sydicate, super mario allstars, choplifter 3, wing commander secret missions
SNES choplifter 3 OCEAN
07-05-03 sega & nintendo games
Sega Saturn Virtual On
Dreamcast: street fighter alpha 3, carrier, blue stinger, cannon spike, revolt, the nomad soul, Samba de amiga + maracas
Saturn: exhumed, fighters megamix, golden axe the duel, mortal kombat 3, last bronx, mortal kombat 2, sonic R, sega ages vol. 1, virtua fighter remix
Game&Watches: super mario bros YM 801, squish, donkey kong.
NES: tetris, adventures of lolo 2, high speed, george foremans KO boxing, parasol stars, solstice
17-03-03 Recent Stock Updates
Too much new stock to list in last fortnight, heres the main bits though:
Game & watch: Popeye, Turtle bridge, donkey kong Jr, snoopy tennis, fire attack, donley kong 3, mario bros, mario bros, spitball sparky, mario cement factory
Tabletops: pocket scramble, firefox F-7, Frogger, galaxy invader 1000, munchman
Megadrive: Busters Hidden treasure, Ms Pacman, mortal kombat
Playstation: LMA Manager,
Micro machines V3, Gran Turisimo, Weakest link, Jedi power battles, The world is not enough, WF smackdown 2, Formula one 2000, This is football
2600/VCS: outlaw, night driver, return of the jedi, adventure, space invaders
CGL frogger
28-02-03 Modern bargains
gamers scart
NeoGeoPocket: AC adaptor
Dreamcast: PAL convertor, Xploder cheat CD.
Playstation: gamers SCART, Lens cleaner, Xlplorer cheat cart, DVD region free
Gameboy: link cable
Gameboy advance: flexi-light, , link cable advance, protector case
Gamecube: extension lead, Controller (black)
25-02-03 Defender ufo 2
Another free download for all you lucky folks. Yes its defender ufo again, this time in higher resolution, more features and improved gameplay.
defender ufo 2
23-02-03 new stuff
i love it
Master system: Andre agassi tennis, American baseball.
Megadrive: Super monaco gp 2,
SNES: Pit fighter, Mortal kombat 3, Aguri suzuki f1 super driving,
World class rugby, Mortal kombat 2, nba live 96, Total carnage,
Super wrestlemania , WF Wrestlemania arcade game,
Krustys Super Fun House, Smash tennis.
New section: Neo geo
neo geo pocket: Sonic pocket adventure, fatal fury
N64: Passport +3, Hi res ram pack, Castlevania
Dreamcast: Virtua tennis 2, Worms world party.
Gamecube: freeloader
+more as usual.
11-02-03 Tabletop games / handhelds
Lots of tabletop / handheld games added recently:
pocket simon, thundering turbos, star wars destroyer droid,
Pacman 2, Pro Soccer, Pocket simon, cosmic 2000 Fire away, back to heaven, Stingray,
Dinosaur, Space invaders keychain, STIX - meeba, STIX - shark bite, BMX burner,
Talking boxing, Electronic poker

Also large updates to megadrive, neo geo pocket colour and atari ST section
26-01-03 Retro-Games Newsletter
Apologies to anyone not recieving the newsletter recently. It will now be sent via This professional service should solve all the problems we've had with it.

Existing subscribers should soon recieve a request to join this.
If not you can easily re-subscribe using the normal forms.

more info
23-01-03 Bits 'n Bobs
SNES: mario world, top gear
GAMEBOY: muhammed ali boxing, mario land, super rc pro am
NES: castlevania
MD: chaos engine, megabomberman, fatal rewind, sonic compilation, micro machines, megagames 3, super wrestlemania
DREAMCAST: Dead or alive 2
PLAYSTATION: necromonicon, arcade party pack, shaolin
12-01-03 Use gamecube pads on a PC :)
secret of mana Gamecube: Cube connection USB. Megadrive: chaos engine, fatal rewind, Dreamcast: Bleem for gran turisimo 2. neogeo pocket: Delsol, Tai fuh fah - fireworks. SNES: secret of mana, Ken griffey Jnrs winning run, Kirbys dream course, batman returns, zombies ate my neighbours, F1 exhaust heat, Mystical ninja 2, Also: GP32 system, ISS pro evolution
07-01-03 Speccy stuff
Some additions to the spectrum hardware page:
zx spectrum 16K , zx spectrum +, zx Microdrive & zx Interface1

Also some games and books including instant spectrum programming, spectrum pocket book, VU-3D, the black hole, trible trouble, trashman, yie ar kung fu

Magazine section also added here, hope to update lots more magazines soon.
18-12-02 Happy Christmas :)
battle arena toshinden
1080 snowboarding
We would like to wish all our customers a happy Christmas, heres to another year happy retro-gaming!

Last Post for Christmas is the 20th, so any last minute orders really need to be completed tomorrow.

Heres a few of the latest stock updates: Gamegear: streets of rage. Megadrive: ghouls n ghosts. Playstation: battle arena toshinden, Street fighter alpha, Bubble Bobble & rainbow islands.
Amiga: Shadow of the beast 2, Gauntlet 2.
08-12-02 Various SEGA bits n pieces
A few sega oddities new in this week, as usual heres a list of most stuff but browse the shop pages for more:

Saturn Virtual golf, actua golf, Nights into Dreams with 3D analogue controller.
Megadrive Ferrari grand prix challenge, Marble madness, Wiz 'n' Liz, Yogi bear cartoon capers
Master system RC grand prix
Nights into Dreams
03-12-02 SNES games added
final fantasy 3 Quite a few SNES updates this week. Heres a list of some recent additions (UK, Japanese and American formats):

Super metroid, Final fantasy 3, UN squadron, lemmings, yoshi island, castlevania, ghouls n ghosts, super street fighter 2, parodius, Legend of the mystical ninja, Sim City
20-11-02 N64 updates
Lots of new N64 games and hardware this week :
Body harvest, Gauntlet legends, Mario kart64, super mario world 64, Donkey kong 64, +more
*Also reductions on many systems/accesories.

Other new items: (Dreamcast) UFC, (Megadrive) Truxton, evander holyfield boxing, another world, (Gameboy) zelda oracle of seasons (board games) Judge Dredd RPG
Nintendi 64
13-11-02 Megadrive updates
Megadrive games added:
Last battle, mega bomberman, Ryan gigs championship world class soccer, Streets of rage 2, cool spot, E-SWAT, Dragon, KLAX, Ms Pacman, Teenage mutant ninja turtles Tournament fighters, Lotus turbo challenge, Dungeons & Dragons, sonic 3, +more as usual

Other updates include:
Dreamcast: Evil twin , Spawn SNES: wrestlemania, mario kart,
Master System: wolfchild, robocop vs terminator.
02-11-02 Tabletop/handheld games added
Lots of handheld games and tabletops added today including:

Caveman, Firefox F-7, Attack in space, Space alert, Starforce, Astro blaster, Tron, Frogger, Earth invaders, Galaxy invader.

Also game & watchs, zx spectrum games
electronic games
great escape
25-09-02 New Online Shop now live
We have created a new online ordering system which is now live on our .NET server (existing links will take you to the new shop front). With a bit of finishing off we believe this new interface should be a big improvement.

Currently the product database is incomplete so if you cant order the items you want you are welcome to email us direct.
21-08-02 More Nintendo SNES games for sale & Dragon 32 Info
Super Nintendo Punch Out and Bikers from mars. Loads more snes games in stock this week, titles include:
Asterix, Super soccer champ, Kawasaki carribean challenge, Another world, Donkey kong country 2, Tetris & Dr mario, Jungle strike, John madden football 93, Biker mice from mars, R-Type 3, Paperboy, Lamborghini american challenge, Super international cricket, Super punch out and Mario is missing. We have also added a new museum section on the Dragon 32 / 64.
06-08-02 New shop sections added
Two new shop sections added this week. Lots of Atari ST and Intellivision games are now available.

We have also recently updated the atari 2600 section with lots of new titles.
Atari ST Star Glider
27-07-02 Loads of site updates as well as more stock added.
Double Dragon Jamma Board Spent a bit of time this week updating the site with a new section added to our game genres feature, this ones devoted to classic shooters. Stock additions include NeoGeo Carry cases, Double dragon PCB and a few SNES boxed sets including a Mario Boxed set in nice condition.
22-07-02 Sega Saturn action replay carts
These cool Sega Saturn Action Replay carts have just been added to our shop pages. Functions include action replay cheats, auto-switch 1M and 4M Expansion RAM card (Metal Slug, King of Fighters etc), 4M memory card , import adapter AND can be connected to your PC with the PC commlink card. Saturn action replay / import adapter
Retro-Games Welcome BBC Go Digital Listeners
An Interview with us will be webcast on BBC Go Digital on Monday (May 20th) 1500 GMT and re-broadcast on the World Service on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Click the pic >> to goto the webpage. Or view the
Related news story
BBC Go Digital
Sega Gamegear updates
Sega Game Gear Shinobi
Large Sega Game Gear update this week including:
Mortal kombat, World cup USA 94i, Marble madness, NBA jam T.E.,Prince of persia, Fifa international soccer, Castle of illusion, G-LOC air battle, Shinobi, Desert Strike, Sonic 2 and Game genie from Code Masters.
New Sega Megadrive games in stock
Mutant League Football Mega Drive
Greendog, NBAJam, Cyborg Justice, Dragons Fury, Earthworm Jim, PGAa Tour Golf 3, Fatal Labrinth, Mickey mania, Puggsy, Fantastic Dizzy, Road Rash 3, Urban Strike, Sega Virtua Racing, Comix Zone, Turrican, Virtua Fighter 2, Forgotten Worlds, Dungeons & Dragons, Xenon 2, Revenge of Shinobi, Last Battle, Arcade Classics, Mutant league football.
Amstrad CPC 464 Section added
CPC manic miner
We have added a new section for the Amstrad CPC 464 Games / hardware. Click here to buy Amstrad games. New sections added to Games Museum mark the start of our series on game types with platform and rpgs game sections appearing first.
Commodore Amiga Games
New Amiga games recently added, mostly good condition: Gods, Trolls, Chuck Rock 2, Sleepwalker, Smash TV, Monkey island2, Alien breed,
Chaos engine, Cannon fodder, Brian the Lion, Fire & Ice, Nigel mansells world championship, Bram Stokers Dracula, Their Finest Hour, Campaign 2, Alien breed 2
Monkey Island 2 Commodore Amiga
more news

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mario kart
This is the offical world record for Mario Circuit 1 as of March 1st 1993.